Good Morning Mr. Rottweiler!
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Good Morning! Every morning our Rottweilers look forward to a nutritious healthy breakfast. This is what I feed our large Rottweilers. For puppies just scale this recipe down make it a bit more soupie by adding water.

1 1/2 cups of their favorite kibble softened. We use Triumph Grain Free Turkey, Pea & Sweet potato but any good quality kibble will do. (basically get the best you can afford) Soften by soaking the kibble in very hot or boiling water. Once it softens and cools I start adding to it.
1 heaping table spoons of Libby's canned pumpkin. This helps digestion.
1 heaping table spoon of Organic Low Fat Plain Yogurt. This too helps digestion, adds beneficial good bacteria to the digestive system, adds calcium, enhances their immune system, helps with allergies and many other benefits.
2 squirts of a good quality Wild Alaskan Salmon oil or you can use a spoon full of coconut oil or I'll change it up with a tablespoon of Missing Link supplement Hip Joint & more. 
1/4 or more of Artemis Osopure 95% duck or 95% chicken canned grain free dog food.
I started adding a good quality of rice (Basmati) to keep weight on Leon & Chloe as they are just so busy they forget to eat.  I cook up the rice, let it cool and add a heaping cup of cooked rice to each of their morning grub.  
Stir and serve!
We follow up breakfast with two bananas ... I split it up amongst them ;)  Carl usually feeds them a few blueberries as well.

I don't fuss much about Lunch and Dinner... our group have their dried kibble available all day.  They eat as needed.   When they were puppies I would make the above gruel three times a day and kept track of how many cups they ate according to the manufacturers feeding schedule on the bag.   Controlling their consumption also aided in house breaking.  So I would recommend following a feeding schedule on your bag of kibble until your pup is completely house trained. 
Leon forgets to eat as he's too busy playing with the girls or working at our reptile shop.  So in the afternoon I feed Leon a 1/3 of can of the 95% duck or chicken along with a cup of his dried kibble.  Again he has kibble available but never takes the time to stop and eat.  We noticed at 10 months old he began dropping weight.  Just monitor their weight according to the Rottweiler Growth Chart... it's right on as our pups grew.   They averaged 3 to 6 pounds a week as puppies.  It's slowed to 1 to 2 pounds monthly after he hit a year old. 
I don't believe there is a right or wrong in feeding.  Buy the best quality of dog food you can afford.  In researching dog food it's just maddening!  I gave up and was frustrated.  Just watch they don't get over weight or look portly ;)
Lunch & Dinner:
Click here to read Nutritional info from Triumph website
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