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Good Morning Mr. Rottweiler!
Meet our Rottweilers
I'm Leon... I work at our families reptile store in Livonia, Michigan. I like to watch over my owners and my grandma, sleep, bark at customers on occasion and walk the ally behind the shop. I have 3 girls at home that I look after...Alice, Mia & Chloe. We are great mates and I can't wait to get home from a long days work to play with them :)
Grandma's coming! Grandma's coming! I just know she's in the driveway :D lol
I've got my owners blanket ;) shhh!
I'm a handsome devil :)
I don't want to go to work! :P
18774 Middlebelt Rd.
Livonia, MI 48152

email: StingersExotics@tds.net