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Tough Toys:
Is there really any thing that is indestructible to a Rottweiler? I think not! We've tried a variety of toys to hold up to the powerful jaws of our Rottweiler's. These held up the longest :) If you haven't noticed we own a reptile store in Livonia, MI. We do not stock these items but they are available to order at our shop discounted. (Ask for Hazel) Come by and discuss what you need or if there is something else you are looking for. We'll be glad to help. PLUS!! You can see Leon... he works at our shop :)
The Busy Buddy: Held up well for about a year. Eventually they chewed thru the ends. But in my opinion it was money well spent. The Busy Buddy kept them busy for hours! Notice it has a rawhide ring that fits in the middle... buy extra replacement rings. The Ultra Woofer is the largest.
Dura Chew comes in different flavors as well as, the Nylabone. It holds up vary well but they seem to get bored with it. After loosing them under the couch's as if they've found a new toy again lol
The Jolly ball: I believe this is indestructible! But causes destruction :) lol I got the largest Jolly Ball available and let them play outside not in ;) I avoided the one with the handle... I was afraid they would toss through our windows. They played and bumped it around the garden for hours of fun play.
Kong Cozy's: Durable plush toys that come in a variety of different animals. These held up well while they were puppies. Ours made it until they hit about 6 months old... then they were pulled apart one by one :) lol I would definitely recommend them while they are puppies they've been the toughest plush toys I've found.
Knotted rope bones: They hold up for a while then are eventually pulled apart and strewed thru the house. Hours of fun play and really a must have. They need to be supervised to make sure they don't eat the string.
Tire Biters: These come as a durable tire and also have some with knotted ropes thru them. They hold up well for a while. Best when used during puppyhood... adults cut thru them like butter! Don't buy the cheap ones... they will destroy them in minutes. Make sure it's the real deal.
We feed our dogs rawhide. Always supervise! They are never left unattended with their rawhides.
Antlers hold up extremely well. Hands down the best chew we've ever purchased. The down side is they just aren't big enough! We buy the jumbos and they still aren't big enough. These are expensive but worth it.
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Tough Toys
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My new favorite toy of all time! Purchased this 09/07/17 to challenge the "guaranteed for powerful chewers" OH YES it is! The 5 could not destroy it! I'm a big fan and I'm shouting about it!
Jolly Tuff Treader!