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Tough Toys
All of our puppies born July 01, 2017 to Chloe & Leon have been spoken for. We had 9 beautiful pups all great weights in this litter. 6 girls/3 boys We're planning another litter from Leon and Alice or Leon and Mia in 2018 that would give us a late winter litter. Pups ready for homes March/April ish. We'll be updating as soon as the breeding takes place and to whom. Watch our facebook page for the updates and day to day pictures. :)

In the mean time.. here are pics of our boy Rocky born Jan 15th and weighed a whopping 1 pound 7 1/2 ounces at birth from Mia and Leon... he's now 7 months old and over 110 pounds! He's a monster pup! We're very proud of him :)
6 mo old Rocky with our July 2017 pups / He loves these little guys!