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Leon aka Big Boy, Weenie Boy, Barky Boy, Mr Big Mouth etc :) Born June 25th, 2014. Spoiled rotten and our very first Rottweiler. Weighing in at 105 pounds. Leon was 3 months old when we got him & only 20 pounds but had huge feet. He was named from the movie "The Professional: Leon" He was going to be a tough boy and needed a tough name to go with it. :) Leon works with us at our reptile shop "Stingers Exotics" in Livonia. His job is to protect us, protect the store and just laze about the shop looking tough. He has the funniest facial expressions!
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Meet our lovely Alice aka Big Sausage! She loves being called Sausage :) lol Guardian of all our possessions... especially the COUCH! She was born Oct 2nd, 2014. She's a clever girl. She was the biggest girl in the litter. A whopping 19.6 pounds at 7 1/2 weeks old. We got Alice a few days earlier than her 8 week mark because of how Thanksgiving fell. Alice got her name from the movie Resident Evil. She's a stocky girl now... every bit of 130 pounds and a couch potato.
Our sweet Mia aka Little Puppy ... She was born Dec 8th, 2014. Named from the movie Fast & Furious. Spoiled rotten... such a sweet girl. She was the largest girl in her litter. She was 18 pounds at 9 weeks old. She's a huge girl over 140 pounds... a whopper! Mia has this thing of taking her toy, bone or whatever she has in her mouth & pokes us & the other dogs with it. She'll poke you with it, rub it all over you... stick it in your face... but she doesn't want you to take it... she just has to wipe it all over us. EVERYTHING belongs to Mia!
Tough Toys
Is there really indestructible toys for the powerful jaws of Rottweiler's? Ah NO! lol
Growth Chart
Click the above link to see an average chart of Rottweiler growth. All puppies will vary this is just and estimate.
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Updated:  December 06, 2017
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Good Morning Mr. Rottweiler. He's a nice enough chap! Meet our family of Rottweilers. As we enter our journey with this lovely, intelligent, sometimes misunderstood breed... watch us grow! We love our Rottweilers and want to share our experience as we raise this lovely group of FIVE. Four taken from different backgrounds ... see how well we've turned out... we're keeping one of our own puppies from Leon & Mia... you'll soon meet little Rocky born Jan 15, 2017! He's going to be a whopper! We have videos & pictures on our facebook page. Click the link below to see Rocky. Email us if your interested in upcoming litters.

Pease feel free to share our pictures, videos and posts. We just enjoy sharing our story of our beloved Rottweilers.
Was our youngest lol but not any more. Chloe aka Tiny Puppy ... She was born Nov 23rd, 2015. Named from the series 24. Did we need a Forth? Of course we did! There is always room! She's a spoiled brat! She was the largest girl in her litter. She was 15 pounds at 9 weeks old. Now around 105+ pounds. Nobody can walk past with our her rolling over for a belly rub. Her and Mia are two peas in a pod... I do believe she thinks Mia is her Mum lol. We call them the twins...they are always up to something and together.